Become a member!

FSCF bids you a warm welcome to join the association. If you have ideas or thoughts about what kind of hobbies, events or activities you would want to be organized by the association, please, do not hesitate to tell us!
Becoming a member is easy: simply fill in the fields below and send your member notification to us. You will later receive a form for the membership payment to the email address that you have given.
Membership payment for the association in 2013: 25,00 euro.
Family and young members in 2013: 12,50 euro.
Association members are private persons. Person members can be annual, family or young members.
  • Annual member – anyone interested in the association’s purpose and activities can join as an annual member. Annual members pay an annual fee.
  • Family member – anyone whose family member is already an annual member can become a family member if they share the same address with the annual member.
  • Young member – anyone under 15 years can be accepted as a young member. A young member will be a young member until the end of the year when they turn 15, and after this they become annual members with their permission.



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