The Stabyhoun is an old dog breed originating in Friesland in the Netherlands. The breed has been popular especially in southeastern Friesland with its dense forests, and the breed has spread outside this area only after the 1960s in larger numbers. The stabyhoun has been compared to the original Frisian people who are known to be stubborn in nature, honest, quiet, social and friendly but still a little bit reserved towards strangers.
The breed is first mentioned in early 19th century. The breed’s roots are probably in spaniel-type breeds that arrived in the Netherlands during the Spanish occupation. The Stabyhoun’s closest relatives are the DutchPartridge Dog (Drentse Patrijshond) and the Small Münsterlander. Its more distant relatives are the LargeMünsterlander and the German Longhaired Pointer. The breed has been crossed with the Wetterhoun, alsooriginating in the same area, which has a very similar working method. In 1938, a couple of breeders started to separate the stabyhoun and wetterhoun and in 1942 they were recognized as separate breeds in the Netherlands. Nowadays the stabyhoun has become popular also outside Holland: mainly in the Nordic ountries,the United States and Canada. The first stabyhoun was brought to Finland from Holland in 1991 to kennel Nortwart.
The name of the breed, stabyhoun, is probably derived from the Dutch phrase ”Sta mij bij”, which means ”stand by me” in English. The ending of the name, ”houn”, means dog in Frisian and it ispronounced ”hoon”. In Holland the breed is nowadays usually referred to as ”Friese Stabij”, i.e. the FrisianStaby.
Stabyhoun has been used as an all-around dog in Dutch farms, and the dog has served many purposes in families. Because farmers could not afford to buy several dogs, one versatile dog was a welcome assistant. The Stabyhoun has been used as a vermin hunter in farms. The Stabyhoun has also been used as a watchdog around the premises and a hunting companion for the farmer for hunting birds. With its soft mouth, the breed was a great companion for hunting ducks. Back in the day, stabyhoun was used for hunting moles as well, as mole skins were valuable merchandise. As a dog devoted to its family, the stabyhoun has also been an excellent companion for children, and stabyhouns love to be around their people.